Each client is unique, just like each project has its distinct specifications. As such, there is a variety of situations where we need to offer more than just production and delivery of plastic packaging, films or bags.

Here are the services offered by Ageri

  • advice in choosing the proper materials for the desired product
  • advice regarding the necessary form of various packages
  • advice on the graphics that can be printed on the packaging
  • graphic execution (the graphics are made after your model)
  • graphic processing, machinery adaptation for printing
  • execution of the flexographic printing plate
  • film manufacturing according to specifications
  • printing according to specifications
  • package cutting and manufacturing
  • cutting your film to the size of the packaging machine
  • printing your film
  • grinding and regranulating your waste.

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Samples for special products:

The packaging attracts, sells, transports and more often than not, is reused, especially in Romania. As such, it is very important that it is adequate in terms of utility and aspect for its purpose.

For packaging manufacturing projects, we proceed as follows:

  1. We offer samples and advice on the sturdiness, flexibility and life span of the packaging, depending on the chosen type of film.
  2. We make packaging samples for the chosen material in order to determine the necessary dimensions: the size and thickness of the bag.
  3. We determine the graphics (if printing is necessary) and offer advice on the chromatics and design, and information related strictly to what can be printed on the packaging.
  4. We execute the flexographic printing template in approximately 7 working days, we manufacture the film (1-2 working days, depending on the type of material and quantity requested), we print (1 day) and cut (1 day).

Usually, establishing the final solution in the case of printed packaging requires maximum 10 days.