We are happy to say that we work fondly and responsibly for over 300 small, large and medium-sized clients in Romania, Republic of Moldova and Spain, from the medical and pharmaceutical field, the food industry, the textile industry and many other currently developing fields.

Our Clients:

Our more than 20 years of activity have helped us understand most of the entrepreneurial changes, mergers, takeovers or reinventions that the Romanian companies with which we have worked have undergone, and we pride ourselves in winning relationships which have been going for over a decade.

We believe that each client has a unique perspective on their business and special details to which we must pay careful attention. In time, we have learned to listen, to observe each request or requirement and to look for solutions, even when this means the custom calibration of our machinery for each particular product.

We must confess that we have a special affinity for organised people, who plan their necessary quantity of packages and plastic products on a monthly basis.