How We Work

We work fast and efficiently in 3 shifts, reaching a production capacity of 4 tons/ day. We recycle 15 tons/ month because we want to ensure a closed production circuit. The technological waste resulted from our activity is fully reintroduced into the manufacturing circuit through regranulation.

The Technological Process


The extruder hopper is fed with raw material comprised of granules, regranulates and colorants. The raw material is pulled into the heated cylinder of the extruder and, with the help of a rotating screw it is pushed to the exit.

Inside the cylinder, the granule is melted and homogenized. The jellified material is poured into the circular die which gives the film the circular form, forming an inflated tubular bubble with the help of blown air. The upper part of the bubble is closed off by two rolls that push and pull, and then the material is rolled on the winding roll. If the film needs to be printed, it is also electrostatically treated (ionized) on the extruder. This process is also called the Corona treatment.

Our machines:

  • 2 MEA 25 and MEA 45 extruders
  • 1 MEP 60 extruder
  • 2 Hyplas extruders

Printing & Stamping

The printing method used is the flexographic method. It involves printing the image for each colour on flexible plates (clichés manufactured from high resolution photopolymer plates). These clichés are fixed on the cliché-bearing cylinder of the printing machine, a cylinder which shows the printing length (the repeatability of the template). The cliché-bearing cylinder comes into contact with an anilox roll (steel cylinder with a multitude of perforations, paint bearer) and, on rotation, the ink with which the film is printed is applied on the cliché.

Our machines:

  • Remak two-colour printing machine
  • 6-colour printing machine
  • Photopolymer plate execution machine

Cutting & Welding

Cutting and welding are executed with the help of the welding machines, specializing in different types of products: bags, carrier bags, waste bags, garment plastic covers/ dry cleaning bags, lip and tape self adhesive bags etc.

Our machines:

  • 2 automatic Remak welding machines
  • 2 Hyplas welding machines
  • press for stamping the handles of the patch handle bags
  • Remak folder
  • welding machine for garment plastic covers
  • manual welding machines

Packaging and Delivery

Our service cars:

  • Toyota Yaris
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen T5
  • Fiat Doblo


The waste resulting from the technological process is retrieved and turned into regranulate and re-introduced into the manufacturing process. The regranulate is an intermediary product, obtained by recycling and granulating our own technological waste as well as other film waste we purchase, which we use as raw material in the production process.

Our machines:

  • grinding machine
  • agglomeration machine
  • film waste granulation line