About us

Ageri, trademark of Flexal Impex and Top Plast group of companies, known until 2015 as Flexal, is the name of one of the most beloved and reliable companies that manufactures plastic packaging in Iași. Our company has full Romanian private capital.

5 Features that Define Our Efficiency

  1. Team: over 40 hard-working people, employed under indefinite term labour agreements
  2. Experience: over 20 years of market understanding, reliability and perseverance
  3. Portfolio: over 300 clients and collaborators, many of whom have been working with us for over 10 years
  4. Client profile: 80% small and medium-sized enterprises and 20% state institutions and companies
  5. Production capacity: 4 tons /day

3 Features that You Will Definitely Remember

  1. We purchase machinery made in Romania, by Romanian engineers. Our first equipment was from Taiwan; and taking into consideration the maintenance issues that we encountered, we have decided to stick closer to home. That’s why our most recently purchased machine for the production of garment plastic covers was made by an engineer in Urlați, which even has the operator menu in Romanian.
  2. We recycle everything that remains after production. Both the unit where we produce regranulates and the modern line of machinery that we have recently purchased considerably increase our own recycling capacity, and all packaging waste is reintroduced directly into the manufacturing cycle.
  3. We have dug ourselves a well. In our efforts to save the industrial consumption of water used to cool down the molten mixture of granules, regranulates and dye, we have dug a well right next to the entrance to the unit where we recycle plastic material. We encourage all our clients, collaborators or suppliers to act as such, if possible, as the costs will be considerably lower.

The Company’s Story, as We Lived It

The business was set up in 1994 by machine-tool design engineers in Iași, who were among the first unemployed people in the wave of internal changes caused by the capitalist regime installed after the Revolution. With a 14-year experience in the field, they designed and executed the first machine for the production of polyethylene film. The second one soon followed. And so the company started running steadily. With small but straight forward steps, with determination and flexibility, things started to grow and relationships to evolve.

After 20 years of work, resilience, adaptation and learning, the time has come in 2015 for identity and communication. We like to remember where we started from and how we created our own way, each time we look towards the future:

1994 We founded “FLEXAL IMPEX” S.R.L., a limited liability company, in a leased space with an area of 350 sqm divided between 4 different buildings, which heavily hindered the production process.

2005 We received the SR EN ISO 9001-2001 certification, thus accumulating experience in implementing the Quality Management System for the manufacturing of polyethylene and polypropylene film packaging.

2007 We purchased land in an industrial area of Iaşi, in order to build a production hall and modern storage spaces, adequate to the activity sector.

2008 We started the construction works.

2009 We moved to our new headquarters and the company’s main objective became the development and increase of competitiveness on the regional market by tangible investment in new machines that would allow the improvement and diversification of plastic packaging production.

We achieved this objective through Structural Funds and we purchased a full line of plastic material manufacturing that allowed the reduction of the consumption of exhaustible natural resources and increased the recycling capacity.

2014 We received the SR EN ISO 22000:2005 certification – food safety management system (HACCP) for the manufacturing of polyethylene and polypropylene films and packaging.

2014 We started the branding project and the development of an online platform in order to communicate more effectively with our clients.

2015 We began building the Ageri brand – a name that would represent our team and our good intentions and by which we would be easily found.